Saturday, July 20, 2013

Young Triton

I'm trying out a new technique called pienture a l'essence, a method that Degas used often, especially when using oil paint on paper.The oil paint is first put on blotting paper to absorb much of the oil, then further thinned (if need be) with OMS. The result, I'm finding so far, is similar in appearance to pastels. When used dry (without OMS), I'm able to drag the brush across the surface, obtaining the usual dry brush effect, but very mat. I seem to be able to thin it to any degree necessary, and it dries to a delicate mat finish. Another interesting thing about this technique is the speed at which it dries, making it easy to lay down a completely opaque under painting without having to worry as much about that fat over lean business. 
My conclusion: this is an awesome technique! I'll be exploring this in more depth.

oil on masonite


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